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We are present in 14 countries and our Mobile and Digital Marketing Division operates around the world.


Services we offer at iUNGO

Our Services work for all industry types and adapt to different communication protocols.
Bulk MSM

Send bulk or transactional SMS worldwide

SMS a2p
Carrier Validation in real time

Validate the carrier in real time before sending an SMS or executing an A2P call

SMS doble vía
Sponsored Data & Data Rewards

Improve the user experience and reach more customers with free mobile data

TopUps and Bill Paymens

Services Payments and Mobile TopUps in an easy and safety way, for people and companies.


USSD is an effective an efficient customer care channel that enhances brand's campaigns.



Creating lightning communication pathways between enterprises and people.

• We offer a diverse catalogue of services.
• With a simple SMS, establish communication and interaction channels with your clients, employees, and community members.
• We offer SMS communication Solutions.
• Attract loyal clients with our user-friendly tools.
• Quickly create effective SMS campaigns using our Web Interface or our API (Application Programming Interface).

Easy integration with our API service.


It’s difficult for customers to confirm the true identity of the business texting them.

1. No branding
2. No attribution
3. Limited interaction
4. Limited security
5. Limited visibility

With Verified SMS:
• Build trust and strengthen customers relationships
• Give your customers peace of mind that your message is authentic
• Showcase your brand to millions of users each month
• Make SMS campaigns more engaging

A2P message verification & branding in messages only apply for Android Smartphones.

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SMS Regular
SMS Verificado
SMS Regular
SMS Verificado

• Product Advertisements, new releases, and promotion services.
• Automatic SMS alerts for IoT equipment, communications and security methods: including UPS, Switches, Firewalls, Routers, Servers, etc.
• Payment notifications.
• Event reminders.
• Meeting, appointment, and reservation notices.
• Payment confirmations.
• Online and automatic delivery of sales reports and Key Performance Indicators.
• In-house comms with employees and clients, such as policy and process updates.
• Package order delivery notifications.
• Notifications for votes, raffles, surveys, and contests.
• Banking Notifications.

In order to embody the true power of SMS, (your business or) organization can accommodate its sales platforms, CRMs, ERPs, and other resources to our system using an API on our Web Services or through SMPP (the standard communications protocol), and this way effectively communicate with us when you need to.


Carrier Lookup

iUNGO Carrier LookUp combines trusted information from hundreds of global datasets to enable A2P service providers to optimise messages and calls routing for cost and service quality. Customers access iUNGO’s unified data via simple, secure, scalable, and real-time query interface. ​

Returns network and country codes (as defined by global standards) for the current network service provider for a given telephone number. ​

Provides global coverage and identifies if a number is ported out from the original number range holder.​

Available as a query service and data is sourced from central databases and other remote data partners.

Reduce termination costs by routing communications directly to a termination operator rather than through intermediaries, increases margins. Service level enhancements to routing directly on site through multiple intermediaries eliminates interconnection delays, avoids unnecessary business support, improves delivery assurance, and leads to a better customer experience.

Enable advanced routing with revenue classification and guarantee where A-number and B-number portability information is required to identify routing based on source and destination.

In most markets, termination fees incur a surcharge if the received traffic is off the network (the subscriber does not belong to the terminating network and requires forwarding to the correct network). In other markets, off-network messages can be discarded. To be sure messages are delivered in a timely manner and margins are optimal, A2P's SMS aggregators verify number portability records in real time prior to delivery of messages over the network (directly to the network to which the subscriber belongs).

Used in conjunction with number range services (for number validation and basic routing), the integration of real-time number portability into routing operations greatly improves operational performance, eliminating the need for multiple attempts, increasing success rates and higher customer satisfaction.

Prefix routing was very common across all voice providers.

Currently, IP-based interconnections are done quickly and inexpensively, resulting in more highly related international networks for voice services and more advanced services. This mesh opens the door to improved routing efficiency, less complex billing and a revenue guarantee due to fewer jumps, more capable fraud management systems, as well as opportunities to improve margin.

Carrier Lookup

Mobile TopUps and Services Payments

Recarga y Pagos

Increase the income and loyalty of your customers.

iUNGO Multiservices Gateway is another product / vertical within the iUNGO umbrella, which allows us to sell TopUps from various operators in the region and pay for services such as water, electricity, internet, cable, etc. in an easy and safe way, it is suitable for any person or business.

iUNGO promotes small and medium-sized businesses by providing them with a technological platform that makes them compete with large commercial chains and increase their income, retail flows and customer loyalty. Offer more and better services to your customers and get more profit. Do not invest in equipment: You can charge from your computer, cell phone or tablet. Generate additional sales and attract more loyal clients to your business. * Check coverage in your country.



USSD is an Effective and Efficient Customer Care Channel that enhances Brand Campaigns where the Brand has total and online visibility of the campaigns programmed and executed to its users.

• Service Creation Environment (GUI) for quick and visual design
• Easy integration to 3rd-party applications
• Interactive customer-care USSD menus based on customer’s response
• Not-smartphone dependent / not-internet dependent / not-app dependent
• Session-based (Push or Pull sessions)
• Flexible on-the-fly changes to USSD menus based on commercial/marketing needs
• Self-serve menu enabler
• Flexibility to send personalized messages based on subscribers profile
• Reliability with an improved monitoring system and automated alarm scripts
• SIGTRAN / SS7 / SMPP / HTTP integrations supported
• Security / Emergency / Customer-care use cases
• Unbeatable time-to-market
• Segmented campaigns managed independently
• Minimum tech-efforts involved
• Link other interaction channels with clients (SMS, Calls, USSD, downloads, URL, File Download).


En la mayoría de los mercados, las tarifas de terminación incurren en un recargo si el tráfico recibido está fuera de la red (el suscriptor no pertenece a la red de terminación y requiere el reenvío a la red correcta). En otros mercados, los mensajes fuera de la red se pueden descartar. Para estar seguros que los mensajes se entreguen de manera oportuna y que los márgenes estén óptimos, los agregadores de SMS de A2P verifican los registros de portabilidad de números en tiempo real antes, previo a la entrega de mensajes en la red (directamente a la red a la que pertenece el suscriptor).

Utilizado junto con los servicios de rango de números (para validación de números y enrutamiento básico), la integración de la portabilidad de números en tiempo real en las operaciones de enrutamiento mejora en gran medida el rendimiento operativo, eliminando la necesidad de intentos múltiples, aumentando las tasas de éxito y una mayor satisfacción del cliente.


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